Working Safely with Chlorine & Sodium Hypochlorite

Training Booklet: Working Safely with Chlorine & Sodium HypochloriteThis is an A4 sized, 28 page, full-colour glossy brochure,

containing informative pictures and giving details of:

    Properties of liquid and gaseous Chlorine

    Administration of First Aid to a Chlorine gassing casualty

    Key points for safe management of a Chlorine and/or Hypochlorite installation

    Personal Protective Equipment, the rules & regulations and key points of using Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

    Problem-solving, key points & techniques when handling, transporting, connecting and disconnecting Chlorine drums & cylinders

    Emergency Response: Actions (onsite and offsite) to be taken in the event of a release of Chlorine gas into the public domain.

    Properties of Sodium Hypochlorite

    Administration of First Aid to a Hypochlorite-splashing casualty

    PPE for handling Hypochlorite solutions

    Hypochlorite spill-containment and clean up

    The UK & Ireland ChlorAid Companies' emergency telephone numbers

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