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The SRST Consultancy Service

We aim to advise and train our Clients in the current best practise and help the Client to meet the requirements of the latest safety and environmental standards, as defined in the Control of Major Accidents and Hazards (COMAH) legislation.


However, classroom theory, in our opinion, is not enough, particularly for a new-starter, to safely operate within a Chlorine installation.
And so in addition, we practically demonstrate, in a 'live' Chlorine installation, using all necessary personal protective equipment, how to carry out the necessary tasks safely.


Our consultancy service is offered to Clients in any type of Chlorine or Sodium Hypochlorite-using installation, be it one with:

33 and 71Kg cylinders

864 or 1000Kg drums

>25 tonne bulk storage tanks

and/or 25 litre carboys, 1m3 IBC's, or (>25 tonne) bulk storage tanks of industrial grade Sodium Hypochlorite


Therefore, in addition to the very best classroom and 'live' practical Chlorine and Hypo operations training,
SRST provide a site-specific service to our clients.


The Client will benefit from our many years of hands-on experience and expertise in Chlorine operations
and Chlorine emergency response.


We think we're the best at what we do.
No other consultancy/training company provides a more complete and comprehensive service
to the Chlorine industry in the UK and Ireland in our opinion.
Talk with us and find out for yourself.


Please click HERE to contact us regarding your requirements. We are here to help you.