Booklet: Safety Advice for Bulk Chlorine Installations

This A4 sized reference booklet is 29 pages, in colour or monochrome, giving details of:



    Properties of gaseous & liquid Chlorine


    Administration of First Aid to a Chlorine gassing-casualty

    Personal Protective Clothing

    Breathing Apparatus

    Searching for & dealing with Chlorine leaks

    Dealing with liquid Chlorine spillages

    Operating procedures for connection & disconnection to a bulk Chlorine road tanker

    Operating procedures for liquid Chlorine vaporisers

Sodium Hypochlorite


    Personal Protective Equipment

    First Aid treatment for Hypo splashes

The ChlorAid Organisation of the UK & Ireland

    Identification, address and emergency telephone numbers for the initiation of ChlorAid response

Chlorine Training by SRST - Clicking all the boxes