Chlorine and Sodium Hypochlorite Appreciation Training


One day (Classroom based), with an optional extra half a day for hands-on practical training within the Customer Chlorine installation.

Venue At the Customer's premises
Schedule On demand

(i) All candidates at all levels receive a basic one-day classroom Chlorine & Hypochlorite* Appreciation, which includes the following information: (* sometimes referred to as 'Chloros' or bleach)

Personal protective equipment, including breathing apparatus and gas suits.

How to safely detect and seal Chlorine leaks

How to safely carry out routine Chlorine maintenance operations.

How to safely release stuck valves of Chlorine drums and cylinders.

Have background knowledge of relevant Chlorine incidents, how they have occurred, and how to prevent them in future.

How to look after and administer First Aid to a Chlorine gassing casualty.

What to do in a Chlorine emergency situation (table-top exercise)

How the ChlorAid emergency response system works, & how to initiate it.

Summary of the hazards associated with, PPE and procedures to use, when handling concentrated aqueous Sodium Hypochlorite solutions.

(ii) An optional extra half-day's training may be advisable for people who've no practical experience in a Chlorine installation.

These new staff may need some extra practical hands-on training, on a one-to-one basis, from a highly experienced ChlorAid Technical Team Co-ordinator. Specifically:

The safe connection and disconnection of 'live' Chlorine cylinders and/or drums and/or road tankers, depending on the Customer's Chlorine installation.

The safe and correct use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA):

Demonstration of how to safely release 'stuck' valves on Chlorine containers, using the 'Hot Water Treatment'

Demonstration of how to safely connect and disconnect a Chlorine container utilising an automatic shutdown system (eg 'ChlorGuard')

(iii) All the above practical operations may be filmed & recorded as a training video which the Customer can subsequently purchase and then use for refresher-training. The edited film is presented to the Customer as a DVD.

Stephen Roberts Safety Training have completed several practical training videos of this type at various Customer cylinder, drum and bulk-handling installations in the UK & Ireland.

Examples of the relevant DVD training film are available on request to the prospective Customer.

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