ChlorAid Team Leader Training

Duration Two days classroom
VenueRuncorn Cheshire
ScheduleOn demand

Attended by all the major producers and handlers of Chlorine in the UK and Ireland. Members of Cheshire (or Merseyside) Police, and Cheshire (or Merseyside) Fire Brigade also attend the course each year.

This course covers the following information:-

Basic Summary of Chlorine and Hypo Appreciation

Principles and Roles within the ChlorAid Organisation

Review of past world-wide (Major) Chlorine Incidents

Liquid Chlorine Transfer Techniques

Chlorine Gas Cloud Computer-Prediction Technology *

Dealing with Liquid Chlorine Spillages

Damage Assessment of Liquid Chlorine Containers *

The Role of the Police in a Chlorine emergency incident *

The Role of the Fire Brigade in a Chlorine emergency incident *

Dealing with the Media in a Chlorine emergency incident *

Table-top exercises of major Chlorine incidents

Equipment required for dealing with Chlorine emergency incidents

*Respected Professionals, serving Officers, and experts in their respective field are invited to make these presentations.

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