Testimonial: SIESO Council Member

Stephen Roberts Safety Training Limited

Training is a service undertaken by many but is well achieved by a relatively few. To be effective it requires of the trainer certain detailed knowledge, skills, experience of the subject first hand and a passion for what is being taught. Nothing comes over to the would-be student more than the tutor’s belief in what they are imparting.

In working with Steve Roberts for more than a decade as part of the Chloraid scheme, it is obvious that he has the genuine experience of handling emergencies, has learnt a large amount of both technical and practical information about hazardous materials and has a drive to do things well.

During this time we have worked together on short and multiday training courses and practical exercises, both in the UK and abroad. Steve has always been unstinting in a desire to develop his knowledge further in to produce and deliver high quality training material. These materials range from simple but highly effective learning aids, the total technical overhaul and production of the Millennium edition of the ChlorAid Manual, through to the production of highly professional Public Emergency Services multi-agency videos.

Perhaps even more valued by a prospective employer is the reliability I have witnessed to deliver what was promised, on time and of a high quality in a cost-effective manner. I would have every expectation of an excellent service.

Ron Edmond
Member of the SIESO Council,
Full member of IOSH
Member of the Public Education Group for the Home Office.

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