Testimonial: Johnson Matthey - Gliwice, Poland (2021)


A great training that will bring a lot to both a novice chlorine user and an experienced employee. The instructor skillfully and in a very accessible way provides professional knowledge supported by extensive experience. In addition to the theory itself, the training abounds in multimedia materials on working with chlorine, and cases related to this substance are also discussed in detail.

At the end of the course, the instructor personally conducts individual practical training on the user's installation. Any doubts can be dispelled thanks to the open form of training, in which there is a place and time for any number of questions.

In addition to professional knowledge, the speaker is characterized by high personal culture and arouses extraordinary sympathy among the participants, and the trainer-participant system quickly turns into a friendly relationship.

With a clear conscience, I heartily recommend this training to both experienced users and those who are just starting their adventure with chlorine.

Sept 2021

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