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Testimonial: BOC Gases - Surrey


To: Stephen Roberts, SRST Ltd.

From: Richard Goodhall, Technical Services Manager, BOC Gases, Guildford, Surrey.


Dear Steve,




I would like to wish you every success with your new venture "Stephen Roberts Safety Training Limited". I have known you now for about 10 years, having dealt with you principally in connection with the ChlorAid group, which is an association of all the Chlorine manufacturing and distribution companies in the UK and Ireland.


During this time, I have been impressed with your dedicated work towards safety in the handling and use of Chlorine.


From my perspective, particular areas where I believe your work associated with ChlorAid has been most effective include the following:

  1. Organisation and delivery of the annual ChlorAid Team Leaders' training course. This has been a most useful and enjoyable course which a number of my colleagues and I have attended. BOC is likely to continue to send selected members of their emergency response personnel on this course in future years.
  2. Writing of the scripts and organisation of the production of the ChlorAid training videos. These are very professional videos and are highly regarded by Chlorine users.
  3. Organisation and co-ordination the biannual ChlorAid Committee meetings and issue of the meeting minutes. This work has been undertaken with care and diplomacy. These meetings have enabled the ChlorAid member companies to share the lessons learned from chlorine incidents and to develop common approaches in equipment design & protocols for dealing with chlorine emergencies.
  4. The complete revision and issue of the Millennium edition of the ChlorAid emergency team Manual. This is an extremely useful and substantial reference manual for Chlorine emergency response personnel.


Yours sincerely,

Richard J Goodhall.


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